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Computer Cleaning

The average keyboard has 3,500 germ microbes per square inch.* Sprayduster products have been specifically designed to help reach those difficult spots between the keys on your keyboard.
*Source University of Arizona
From non-flammable, easy to use Spraydusters and optical lens cleaners to impregnated wipes surface wipes. AF provides a full selection of cleaning products for computers and laptops, including delicate screens. Quick, easy and extremely safe cleaning solutions for all areas of the workstation.
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Spraydusters Product Sheet

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PC Buds

25 buds

product code:PCB025

Plastic spatulas tipped with wide flexible foam head for cleaning keyboards and slots. 13cm in length with a 13mm wide head. Abrasion resistant foam ensures thorough cleaning of surfaces. Flexibility of head allows easy access. Use with Foamclene, Maxiclene, AF Spray or Isoclene.

Suitable For:
  • Keyboards
  • Slots
  • Hard to reach areas.

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