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Survey Reveals Technology Insurance and Protection Is Rare

Posted on 02 March 2015 |

Did you know that 83% employed adults own a smartphone? Just one of the fascinating facts to come out of another survey by computer and office equipment cleaning product specialists AF International.

AF International, manufacturers of specialist IT, computer, tablet, smartphone and general office cleaning products, surveyed 1000 employed adults in the UK, between the ages of 18 and 60, about their mobile technology. It became glaringly obvious that technology insurance cover for loss or damage is only held by a small minority of the population, despite the fact that these devices contain such valuable, personal information that play an important part in our daily lives. A staggering two thirds (68%) of the survey admitted to having no insurance cover at all and out of those who had insurance, 37% had made a claim.

The survey revealed that the most common reasons for making an insurance claim were due to 38% had their phones stolen, 38% damaged them completely, 35% lost their phone, followed by 13% who had cracked the phone screen and a mere 9% had chip damage. One in ten respondents had made a claim through their holiday insurance for a technology item, with 68% taking their phone and 61% taking their camera and tablet with them on holiday.

With so many people opting out of technology insurance, the survey was asked if they had taken any measures to protect devices at all, to help eliminate some of the risk. Almost half of the uninsured survey, 46%, had purchased covers to protect their phone, screen guards had been purchased by 28% and 12% had invested in a type of screen cleaner, leaving a large number with no preventative measures in place. Without looking at lost, stolen or damaged screens, a massive 900,000 mobile phones were dropped down the toilet last year, resulting in hundreds of damaged or completely unusable phones and masses of lost data.

  • Common reasons for insurance claims for mobile phones
  • 83 percent of working adults own a smartphone

Without insurance or protection, this is a situation that can throw people into panic as they desperately try to retrieve data. One simple preventative measure that can solve this type of highly problematic situation, should portable devices experience water damage, is the AF Tech-Rescue kit. Available in Mini and Maxi sizes for all types of mobile technology, from smartphones, tablets and cameras to watches, remote controls, Mp3 Players and hand held game devices, the emergency recovery kit draws out liquid from technology fast with a 95% success rate. It’s quick, compact for easy storage, simple to use and can be kept on standby in the event of any accidents.

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