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Company News

AF International Reveals Survey Results - iPhone Usage

Posted on 27 June 2013 |

AF International, computer and office equipment cleaning experts recently polled 2000 UK iPhone users. Surveyed were 51% females and 49% males with the demographics of users aged 18 to 55+ throughout the UK. The results show interesting iPhone usage behaviour amongst the UK public. The survey was commissioned to assist AF with further product development asking key questions regarding cleaning, however other interesting results emerged.

One of the questions asked about the circumstances they considered to be the most rude when using an iPhone, 40.3% thought it was the most rude to use your iPhone when someone is talking to you, followed by during a date (17%). Users aged 18-24 years old are most likely to use technology to end a relationship or have a relationship ended with them, with 29.8% via text, 19.3% by voice call and 8.6% through social media. This group is also the most active with using social networks through their iPhone. The most popular social networks accessed via iPhone are Facebook (82.4%), YouTube (59.2%) and Twitter (52.5%). Men are more likely to tweet during sports programming (15%) and documentaries (6.3%), while women are most likely to tweet during a reality TV show (16%) and a soap (6.4%).

If the respondents to the survey lost their iPhone or it had been stolen, 36% would miss their stored photos followed by contacts (22.4%) and communication (12.7%). The 55+ group would miss contacts the most, 45-54 year olds would miss specific apps, 35-44 year olds would miss mobile internet and videos, 25-34 year olds would miss stored photos the most and 18-24 year olds would miss stored text messages. When asked what would suffer most if users couldn't access their iPhone for a week, nearly 25% of the survey believed that their social life would suffer, followed by mental well being (12.8%) and relationship with a partner (12.3%).

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