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Company News

AF International Reveals Survey Results - iPhone Cleaning

Posted on 27 June 2013 |

Computer and office equipment cleaning experts, AF International, have recently polled 2000 UK iPhone users to find out more about mobile phone ownership and cleaning. The survey of 51% females and 49% males explores the demographics of users aged 18 to 55+ across the UK and has gathered interesting data about how the British public use and treat their iPhone. AF International commissioned the research to assist with further development of the company's established range of mobile phone cleaning products.

In total, 31.6% of the survey cleaned their iPhone screen a few times a week with 26% cleaning their screen once a day. Owners from the North East were most likely to clean their iPhones once a week whilst owners from Scotland were more inclined to clean their iPhone screen more than once a day. A further 12% admitted cleaning their screens only once a month, mostly from the over 55 age group. The 18-24 year olds were the most cleaning conscious iPhone users, maintaining the cleanliness of their iPhones on a daily basis. The methods used by the survey for cleaning their iPhone varied greatly from 2.3% using their fingers, 13% wiping the screen on their trousers, 29.6% using their sleeves and 21.4% using a specially formulated screen cleaning wipe such as AF International's Multi-Screen Clene.

The survey indicated that men were most likely to use a screen cleaning wipe whilst women were more likely to wipe the iPhone screen with their sleeve. 13% of the survey was concerned about the germs on their iPhone, whilst the majority of users at 46% were not, a staggering 41% never even think about the germs on their iPhone. This was a particularly surprising statistic, when considering that we regularly purchase appropriate detergents to clean and sanitise items in our homes but do not consider the cleanliness or make the same effort to keep expensive, frequently handled smartphones clean and hygienic.

AF International has been developing item-specific cleaning solutions for technology and office equipment for over forty years. News updates, competitions and giveaways can be found on our Facebook page and on Twitter @AFInternational.