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Company News

Gadget cleaning made easy

Posted on 01 March 2011 |

AF International, specialist manufacturers and suppliers of ICT cleaning products have launched a distinguished range of environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions for the entertainment gaming industry which will be on display and sale at The Gadget Show Live 2011(Stand Q11B).

The new range targets the users of hand held gaming units like the Nintendo DS Lite, Wii and Sony PSP in addition to the home games console units i.e. Playstations and X-Box and a wide variety of their accompanying accessories.

Considered by some a curiosity in the 1970s, the computer and video gaming industries have grown from being a niche market into mainstream and has created its own culture which appeals to a wide audience. No longer is it a form of entertainment for children and young adults, all ages take pleasure in the technological advancements with the market seeing an increase year on year. With more involvement from people in this increasing exuberant culture AF International aim to educate and provide the perfect cleaning solution.

This new range has been developed to encourage more regular cleaning and sanitising of all types of game units and gaming accessories, and marks a major initiative by AF to promote better standards of health and hygiene wherever this type of equipment is used. In addition, AF wishes to encourage end-users to make more environmentally aware purchasing choice and be conscious of cleanliness even when having fun.

Featured in the new range are products for cleaning hand held controllers and accessories like steering wheels, nunchunks and microphones as well as the actual entertainment unit whether it's static or mobile. Also cables, TV remote and screens are covered, providing a fun environment that's safe and clean.

Surface cleaning not only cleans but helps to create a hygienic and bug-free environment and it's made easy with AF's Controller-Clene wipes. Containing 12 impregnated wipes wrapped individual sachets for cleaning controllers and TV remotes. Console-Clene, 50 large impregnated wipes ideal for casing, larger accessories and stand on surfaces. Smart-Clene, a universal cleaner for hand held gaming consoles, MP3 players, mobile phones or touch screen devices, provided in a handy re-sealable pack. Safe for use on screens and provide a clean, germ free finish. Game-Clene Plus provides a compact kit concealed in a modern pouch for removing dust and grime from all surfaces. Special buds and a seam tool are provided to enable cleaning in hard to reach areas, such as around buttons and in seams. Also included is a large micro-fibre cloth. Blu-Ray, DVD and Console Lens Cleaner (BDC000) is a disc is fitted with a soft brush to deliver safe and effective cleaning of Blu-ray and DVD compatible players, as well as PS2 / PS3 and Xbox console units. The disc spins at approximately 100 circles per second removing dust and smears and providing an anti-static protection to the lens. Other functions allow brightness, contrast and resolution correction to your screen and sound calibration.

AF welcomes visitors to there stand Q11B at this years The Gadget Show Live, and the first 50 purchases every day of the show will get a FREE USB funky fan.