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Company News

AF reinforce the need for cleaning

Posted on 08 August 2012 |

AF International, computer and ITC cleaning chemical specialists have recently surveyed 1000 business people who regularly use IT equipment to find out who cleans regularly, who eats at their desk as well as what equipment is used in the home environment.

With only 45.8% of people surveyed having their workplace cleaned on a daily basis, and an astounding 15% not knowing if their office was cleaned or had ever been cleaned, the results show some interesting facts about cleanliness within the office. And when you think that 47% admitted to eating at their desk every day, hygiene should be something high on the agenda.

A surprising amount of people not only work and eat at their laptop at the office, but 28.3% take them home, and use them outside of working hours an additional reason to clean to stop the spread of germs from one environment to another. The reverse is 26.4% take personal laptops from home into the workplace.

The survey also asked about what technology equipment they used at home in general and it's no surprise that 73.5% said a laptop but amazingly 46.6% said smartphones and 43.8% regularly used game consoles.

Karen Harrison, Marketing Manager "Our marketing strategy is to make sure as many people know who AF are and what we do best. Our specially formulated products provide exceptional cleaning around the office and at home. The end-user survey results show just how important hygiene at work really is."

Harrison continues "Whether cleaning a laptop, smartphone or tablet technology, AF has a cleaning solution. Products have been tested and proven to have a 99.9% reduction of E-Coli, Staphylococcus aureus, H1N1 Swine Flu virus according to EN14476, and representative results various flu viruses, such as common flu and Bird Flu to name but a few. These solutions are quick, easy to use and affordable".