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Company News

Protect yourself from the bugs lurking on your desk! AF's products kill 99.9% of bacteria

Posted on 23 October 2007 |

Peer down into your keyboard - can you see dust, fluff and crumbs? It's definitely harbouring bacteria but this is what you can't see, so how can you be sure your cleaning routine, or possibly, lack of one is protecting you from these nasty bugs?

More and more of us are working through lunch so, it is important to be able to tuck into your lunchtime sandwich without fear of getting ill from bacteria lurking on your desk. AF International, the leader in ICT cleaning products has tested its products to find out just how tough they really are on germs. The results found that on a range of products, including Phone-Clene, Headset-Clene, Foamclene and Maxiclene they killed 99.9% of bacteria - meaning you can take that bite without worries!

AF tested the formulation used in the range of products to see the antibacterial effect over 28 days on various types of bacteria, mould and yeast. Staphylococcus aureus was the most dangerous bacteria to be tested and in its worst state it is well known as MRSA. The Phone-Clene Wipes and Headset-Clene Wipes eradicated the entire population of this potentially fatal bacteria after two minutes and there was no re-growth after 24 hours.

The wipes are so effective that the bug free surface they create lasts up to 24 hours however, as the clean environment guarantees to be free of germs for this length of time, it is imperative that workers clean phones, headsets and desk surfaces everyday for maximum protection. If you hotdesk, it is even more important to clean equipment and desks regularly to make sure you aren't sharing more than a phone with your colleagues!

Karen Harrison, Marketing Manager for AF discusses why it was so important for AF to test its products: "Workers are always being warned about the dangers of bacteria lurking on their desks and the importance of regular cleaning, but we wanted to make sure workers could rely on our products to kill anything nasty that could cause them illness. We are delighted with the lab test results and hope that users now feel even more confident when trusting AF to kill germs on their desks."