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AF International Poll Reveals Cleaning Habits of 1000 Home Technology Users

Posted on 18 November 2012 |

Computer and office equipment cleaning experts, AF International, have recently polled 1000 UK adults who regularly use game consoles and TVs to find out more about people's home technology cleaning habits across the UK. The survey looked into the demographics of users and the environments home technologies were subjected to such as multiple users and eating whilst using equipment. Does the British public make the same effort to keep these particular home tech items clean and hygienic as we would with other household items handled in a similar way? The survey revealed some fascinating results of people's home tech cleaning habits.

In total, 23.3% admitted never buying any specialist cleaning product for either their portable or home technology devices which is an interesting statistic considering the average home purchases standard household detergents specifically for furniture, kitchen and bathroom cleaning and yet the most expensive tech items such as LCD TVs and game consoles are not treated with appropriate cleaning products that not only help to maintain a clean, hygienic item but also help to extend the life of the equipment's life.

As part of the gaming survey, responses indicated that visible dirt and grime would prompt 67.1% of console users to clean their consoles and 48% revealed they would clean their console if they had spilt something on the equipment. Only 4.18% would clean gaming equipment due to poor performance, which was an unusual finding given that correct cleaning on a regular basis can help to maintain product life.

During the course of a month only 24.4% of 1000 adults would clean their gaming equipment, whilst 22% claim to clean on a weekly basis and only 18.6% fortnightly. The results also showed that women are more inclined to clean consoles every week and men are more likely to clean them on a monthly basis. With less than a quarter of all users regularly maintaining the cleanliness of consoles, the statistics raised eyebrows at AF International when results later showed the survey's eating habits. A staggering 47.3% revealed that they sometimes eat whilst playing games and that 45.6% of console users had between two and five other people playing on their game consoles. The fact that food and multiple user figures were so high, it is surprising to discover the lack of regular cleaning considering the build- up of fatty deposits and germs on gaming equipment. Despite the eating results and multiple user statistics, 42.3% of all console users think it's important to keep your gadgets clean when necessary and 28.3% think it's fairly important to keep them clean.

The TV survey showed that 31.3% of the people polled eat whilst watching TV at least once a day and 29.9% eat whilst watching TV all the time. When asked if they clean their TV remote control 29.3% never clean their remotes and 24.3% clean them once a week. Being one of the most shared items in a household with 55.2% sharing with 2 - 5 people and 32.3% with at least one other person, the remote control is one of the most bacteria infected home tech items and AF were concerned that the statistics didn't feature cleaning high on the agenda. The survey also discovered that 41.7% use a microfiber cloth to clean their TV and 22.3% risk spraying wax based polish and wiping with a duster, ultimately one of the worst ways to clean a TV screen, often leaving a cloudy film and streaks which are hard to get rid of.

AF International has been developing item specific cleaning solutions for technology and office equipment for over forty years. News updates, competitions and giveaways can be found on our facebook page and on Twitter @AFInternational.