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Company News

So you don't like eating dead skin either?

Posted on 30 October 2004 |

Neither do we, particularly when it's someone else's, that's why we would like to bring to your attention the perils that lie in wait on every desktop, in every keyboard and on every monitor.

Dead skin cells, broken fingernails, hair, eyelashes, body fat (yes, body fat) - makes interesting reading when you are just tucking into that mid-morning bacon sandwich. And these are all the things that can regularly be found on the average desk.

PC and office equipment hygiene is pretty poor in the UK with just 1 in 20 installed PC's being cleaned on a regular basis - we hear it's better in the United States where they clean, and clean, and then clean again. As Europe's leading manufacturers of computer, office equipment and multi-media cleaning equipment our aim is to educate the huge PC-user audience to the perils of a dirty workstation.

If you would like some samples of leading AF products and a FREE copy of our Scary Facts brochure please send us a request, and clean up on us.