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New Danger in some office products

Posted on 14 July 2005 |

Airdusters, spraydusters and compressed gas products are widely used in the office environment, where a blast of high pressure air removes dust and debris from, for example, computer keyboards, the inside of computer hardware, photocopiers, faxes and other office equipment.

Traditionally the gases used have been non-flammable so they can be safely used on live electrical equipment. A common scenario is that the keyboard has filled with dust and crumbs and a quick spray of non-flammable airduster blasts this away without having to stop work and turn off the computer.

Users of these airdusters should be aware that increasingly the non-flammable propellant gas is being replaced by some manufacturers with flammable gas. If users are not aware of this change they could be putting themselves and their colleagues at risk. Flammable airdusters will almost certainly be filled with a Butane and Propane mixture - the same gases used in a cigarette lighter aerosol refill or a plumber's blowtorch!

There is a danger that, by using a flammable airduster without turning off the equipment being cleaned, and all nearby equipment, the gas could ignite. There are two reasons why some manufacturers have started to use flammable gas in these products; availability of the non-flammable gas used has decreased due to reduced production and consequently the price of this gas has rocketed over the last year. As a result the manufacturers of the low-cost airdusters simply either cannot purchase or afford the more expensive non-flammable gas.

The use of flammable gas airdusters may also have repercussions on wider levels. Distributors who store them on a large scale in a warehouse may be required by their insurers to install additional fire protection such as warehouse sprinkler systems or fire breaks. There are also requirements with final delivery to the customers where it may be more difficult and expensive with additional paperwork.

It is imperative that users of compressed airdusters carefully check the product they are using to see if it has a new flammable symbol as well as checking the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) before using it.

AF International manufacture and sell non-flammable Airdusters which are 100% ozone safe, made of pure compressed gas which leaves no residue.