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Company News

AF International at SOS

Posted on 17 October 2005 |

AF International, Europe's leading manufacturer of specialised cleaning products for office and information communication technology equipment, is attending the SOS show with a variety of new products. With health, safety and hygiene issues high on the agenda of all work places, AF International has created specialised formulations to clean effectively and hygienically to reduce the risk of infection through viruses, and consequently lost productivity resulting from illness.

The range includes a number of kits which have just what you need to keep individual work areas clean. For example the Multi-functional Cleaning Kit can be used to clean all office equipment including PCs, printers, phones, photocopiers, fax machines, calculators and office furniture. The kit contains 100 Safewipes, 50 Computiss, 25 Screen-Clene wipes, 25 Phone-Clene wipes, 300ml Foamclene spray, a CD-Lensclene and a 125ml invertible Sprayduster. The PC Cleaning Starter Kit can be used to clean PC cases, keyboards, screens as well as other hard surfaces and contains 25 Screen-Clene wipes, a CD-Lensclene, 5 pairs of Ultraclene wet /dry sachets and a keyboard cleaning card.

The new collection of Clene-Swipe Wipes is available in wall-mounted tubs and offers a fragranced wipe for all office requirements, especially good for larger offices. Phone-Clene and Headset-Clene are anti-bacterial cleaners for reducing the spread of germs, while PC-Clene and Screen-Clene are anti-static cleaners. Hand-Clene washes hands without water for effective hygiene anytime and Dry-Wipes offer superior mopping.

The Superduster is AF International's most powerful airduster for blowing dust and debris from inaccessible areas of keyboards, printers, fax machines and computers. The Superduster features variable blast strength and is non-flammable and completely safe to use on live electrical equipment, while the extension tube allows the blast to reach specific and hard to reach places.

Laptop Clene is a duo-sachet system which gently removes dust, dirt, smears and residue from laptop and other sensitive / coated screens. Each sachet is in an individual pack so it is perfect to keep in a laptop case for convenient use.