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Company News

There are more germs in a computer keyboard than on a toilet seat

Posted on 30 May 2004 |

A horrifying thought, but nevertheless true. And it's not just germs that lurk in the crevices of the average keyboard. Tip it on its end, give it a shake and stand back as food particles, eyelashes, hair, fingernails, crisps and biscuit crumbs cascade. Worse still are the invisible nasties such as saliva, dead skin cells and body fat that can be found in most keyboards.

Fact is that toilet seats may generally be more hygienic than keyboards simply because they are cleaned more regularly and in a proper manner. Computer hygiene just isn't high on the agenda of most office workers, but recent publicity, and AF's ongoing campaign to educate people to clean regularly with the correct cleaning products will do much to rectify the situation. For instance, current statistics show that only 1 in 20 of installed PC's are cleaned on a regular basis. A sobering thought, particularly when equipment is shared.